Our goal is to make equipment safe and comfortable for your team and profitable for your business. We are committed to bringing you the best performance from your machine across every performance parameter

Our Packages

Breakdown Call Out Service

In the event of any kind of a breakdown, we are available to attend to you and provide the solution to your situation. We have a 24/7 service and response depends on the category of the situation. We have three categories; Emergency, Urgent and Normal and our rates also depend on the agreed category.

Standard Maintenance Agreement

Providing a good quality preventive maintenance solution according to the OEM recommended intervals. This single and transparent contract ensures that your specified equipment are maintained. The contract may be either inclusive or exclusive of parts depending on the client’s preference. Works over and above the contract are billed separately. Under this package, clients have access to our call out service, machine history documentation, inspections. We recommend this package mostly for equipment that are fairly young or before midlife stage

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

This is for your guaranteed peace of mind with respect to maintenance of your equipment, transferring the risk to us. We offer Maintenance Engineering tailored to suit the individual client based on their operations and requirements. For an agreed fixed cost for the specified equipment, we plan, execute, manage, review and adjust maintenance activities to ensure equipment reliability and prevent unexpected interruptions in production. Under this single contract, clients have access to all of the following among other things.

Let Professional service your machinery

Elevate engineering have a team of professional experts who will ensure your machinery is always running smoothly. Get in touch with us today and select your prefered package.